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Using Google Flights to Find Discounted & Mistake Fares

travel hacking Aug 18, 2023

Have you used Google Flights before?

It’s a game-changer!

In this one place you can see multiple airlines, routes & prices to the places you want to go.

And if you look closely enough, sometimes you’ll see greatly discounted or even mistake fares.

A greatly discounted fare is exactly what it sounds like. It’s a fare that the airline is offering at a big discount because of a promotion they’re running or because they’re trying to attract travelers to that route.

A mistake fare is even better but it’s more rare. It’s when an airline actually makes a mistake in its pricing of a particular route. Maybe they forgot a 0 or someone made a typo. But this is where a $2,000 ticket might sell for $200.

Google Flights can help you find both of these.

It can even notify you about various routes when the ticket prices change.

In addition to looking for these yourself, there are others out there that hunt all day long & tell you about the...

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How to Fly Business Class at Over 90% Off

travel hacking Jul 28, 2023

Let’s say you booked an economy ticket overseas with points.

You’re taking your spouse on an anniversary trip and you’d love to splurge on business class, lie-down seats but there’s no way you’re going to pay over $10,000 for the seats.

Here’s a little hack you can try that recently worked for us.

Get to the airport on your day of travel much earlier than you normally would.

Instead of going to self check-in, go to the ticket counter and ask the rep if there’s any remaining business class tickets available to buy last minute.

If there are any, usually airlines are willing to apply significant discounts at this point to sell them.

Ask the agent how much the available tickets would be and I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the price.

This happened to us recently on our trip back from the UK.

A one-way business class ticket would’ve been over $10,000 on this particular airline and I already had economy tickets booked for...

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Always Check Partner Airlines For Better Redemptions

travel hacking Jul 21, 2023

Most airlines are part of some kind of an alliance with other airlines.

This benefits you because you can sometimes get better airline award redemptions by booking the flight you want through the partners.

Confusing? Let me help.

I’ll give you an example from yesterday.

I was in the process of booking our flights to go skiing “free” again this Christmas on points.

The best airline to fly to this particular ski resort is American Airlines.

The problem is that their point redemptions are often not the best.

The good news is that American Airlines is in the same airline alliance as British Airways.

I looked up the flights on British Airways, and although British Airways doesn’t fly there, they showed me the same American flights (since they show partner award space) for a much better rate.

So instead of booking an American flight directly through American Airlines, I can book the same American flight through British Airways for fewer points.

Pretty cool,...

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Take the In-Flight Brochure

travel hacking Jun 16, 2023

You know how sometimes on your flight the flight attendant comes around with a brochure to apply for one of their credit cards?

And you know how no one ever takes it?

Well, it probably won’t surprise you, but I always do!


Because the in-flight offers on cards are often better than the offers online.

A few years ago it was about time to for me to get the Southwest personal card to renew my Companion Pass. I believe the bonus at that time online was 40,000 points.

I happened to be on a Southwest flight during that time & they offered an additional 10,000 points if you applied in-flight. 10,000 Southwest points is a free one-way ticket almost anywhere in the country from a major metro, so that’s a good extra bonus. Those extra 10,000 points also helped me cross the minimum points I needed to earn the Companion Pass as well.

I applied in-flight, got approved, met the minimum spend, and received 50,000 Southwest miles rather than the typical 40,000.

Recently I was...

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80,000 + 15,000 Points On Our Favorite Card

travel hacking May 19, 2023

I wrote a few weeks ago about the 90,000 in-branch Chase Sapphire credit card offer.

My wife applied, was approved, & we’ve already earned that additional 90,000 points.

Now it was my turn.

I downgraded my Chase Sapphire & then I decided to reapply online because the online offer just went up to 80,000 points.

I used my wife’s referral code to apply for my card which would give us an extra 15,000 points for the referral. Even better than the current in-branch offer.

Just a few minutes ago, as I’m writing this, I was approved for the Chase Sapphire card (again) and once I hit the minimum spend, we’ll receive a full 95,000 Chase Ultimate Rewards points (including the referral points).


95,000 Chase points can be worth well in excess of $2,000 in free travel!

Now’s a great time to get the Chase Sapphire Preferred if you haven’t already.

And if you want to use our referral link, we’d love that — thanks for the support!


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Great In-Branch Offer on Top Card

travel hacking Apr 14, 2023

Readers of this newsletter know that I regularly recommend the Chase Sapphire Preferred card as one of the best cards to get started on your Travel Hacking journey.

The bonus on this card is most often 50,000-60,000 points - a great bonus!

Right now, many Chase branches are offering this card with a 90,000 point bonus if you apply within a Chase branch.

My wife and I both had this card and it was coming up on her 4-year anniversary. The terms of the Chase Sapphire are that you can get the welcome bonus once every 4 years.

Wanting to take advantage of this great in-branch offer, we downgraded her current card to a no annual fee Chase Flex card, waited 3 weeks for the old card to be removed from the system, and they reapplied for the Chase Sapphire again at our local Chase branch.

She was instantly approved.

We have to spend $6,000 on the card in 6 months to get the full 90,000 points which will be no problem.

I’ll hit my 4 year anniversary with the Sapphire card this month...

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5 Nights in Washington DC for Free

travel hacking Mar 31, 2023

Our family just got back from our Spring Break trip to Washington DC.

We had a blast.

Neither me, nor my wife, nor our daughters had been to DC & we all wanted to see the White House, the Capitol, the museums, and the monuments. Oh, and the cherry blossoms too!

And it didn’t disappoint.

Here’s how we booked the trip for nearly free:

  • I booked a round-trip Southwest flight with 40,749 of my Southwest miles. I could’ve booked with fewer miles but I booked fairly close to the departure date. You can often get the best point redemptions if you book further out.
  • My wife also booked a round-trip Southwest flight with 40,749 of her Southwest miles.
  • Since we both have Companion Passes, we were able to each add one of our daughter’s as a companion for free (well, we had to pay $11.20 in taxes, but nearly free). I’ll link below to our past newsletters that describe how to earn the Companion Pass.
  • We love staying at Park Hyatts and we booked the Park...
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How to Get All of Our Courses Free

I’ve had quite a few conversations with pastors recently who are wanting to make extra money with real estate.

I tell them I’m glad to help. Then, I direct them to the free resources we offer like:

But it’s usually the case that they want to pay extra for additional courses & coaching.

I tell them about some of our paid products and then share the ways they can get those free as well.

After all, if I’m teaching hacks to get free travel or live nearly free, shouldn’t I give hacks for getting my paid content for free? Ha!

Here are the ways I tell them they can get any or all of our courses for free (and you could too):

  1. Follow my step-by-step guide to earn an extra $1,200 quickly and apply that to any or all of the courses
  1. Refer 3 friends to any course and get all of the course...
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How I Booked a Two Week Trip to England With Points

travel hacking Mar 03, 2023

My wife and daughters have been asking to go to England for years.

And I’ve always wanted to take my Mom to Wimbledon (we’re a tennis family).

We had a trip booked a few years ago but it was canceled due to COVID.

I recently booked another trip for this summer & we are all so excited!

And, to top it off, we won the Wimbledon lottery and received 2 tickets on the front row of Centre Court. We’re pumped!

We are going to start the trip by flying up to Boston and spending a few days there first. We’ve heard that it helps with jet lag to take the daytime flight to London from Boston.

We booked the flight to Boston using Southwest points & our Companion Passes (where both of our daughters fly for free).

The first time I booked the trip to England, I booked with United Airlines. But this time I decided to book with British Airways.

For all 4 of us to fly from Boston to London & then back home was 29,250 points each.

I didn’t have British Airways...

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Free Flights for 2 Years for 2 People

travel hacking Jan 26, 2023

Southwest Airlines notified me in early January that I had earned 163,000 new Southwest points & a Companion Pass for the next 2 years.


Between my wife and I, this is the 4th time we’ve earned the Companion Pass.

The Companion Pass allows you to take a “companion” with you anywhere you travel on Southwest, free of charge. Well, nearly free. You still have to pay their taxes, which ends up being around $11 for a round trip ticket. But it feels like free for sure!

So with all the points you rack up from earning the Companion Pass plus the Companion Pass itself, you & a family member or friend can take a bunch of nearly free trips together over the next 2 years.

I posted about this on Twitter recently and I had several people asking questions about how we earned it and how they can earn it as well.

I’ll share in this week’s newsletter the questions that I answered.

What is the Companion Pass?

For those that haven’t heard of it, the...

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