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Our passion is to produce courses to help pastors supplement or replace their church income by tentmaking like the Apostle Paul. 


Chris Galanos - Tentmaking Pastor

Chris is the Founding Pastor of Experience Life Church in Lubbock, Texas, a network of churches in 12 different states. Outreach Magazine named Chris the Youngest Megachurch Pastor in America several years in a row and named Experience Life one of the Top 100 Fastest-Growing Churches in the country 5 different times. Chris was able to use tentmaking to supplement his church salary & eventually come off of the payroll entirely. He's passionate about helping other pastors with tentmaking as well. Chris is married to his wife, Emilie, and has two daughters, McKinley and Charis.



Travel Hacking

This course will help pastors take their family on at least one vacation a year... FREE!

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House Hacking

This course will help pastors use their houses to generate an extra part-time income on the side and live nearly... FREE. 

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Flip Hacking

This course will help pastors start a business to generate full-time income so they can work in ministry... FREE! 

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"I would like you to join me in a course to help pastors (or anybody for that matter!) and their families....Travel FREE! I am not kidding, Chris is a bit crazy and he has worked out some stuff that makes my head spin. No gimmicks here, just a guy who loves Jesus and wants to help people do what he is doing, traveling for FREE."

Roy Moran

"Chris’s courses are out of this world. I highly recommend them to anybody. Not just for people living in America but all over the world. If you’re a missionary or if you live overseas, the Travel Hacking Course can help you literally save thousands and thousands and thousands of dollars on travel, hotels and airfare. It’s absolutely incredible. Chris is not just a guru, he’s a “do-ru.” He is somebody who has done this time and time again and he’s going to teach you how to do this step by step. And the Flip Hacking Course can literally transform your ministry & your life... In just the last couple of months, we’ve closed 6 deals... I’ve literally made half of my salary in about 6 weeks time."

Josh Howard

"The Flip Hacking Course is a phenomenal resource! I literally knew nothing about flipping, and the videos are step-by-step instructional gems that you can keep coming back to again and again. I’ve watched a few of the lessons multiple times. Even more valuable are the coaching calls and the community page on the Flip Hacking Mastermind where you can post a question any time you have one. I’ve had dozens of questions answered within an hour or two of my post, and a community of fellow “tentmakers” cheering each on and learning from each other. I couldn’t recommend the course and mastermind any higher. Come join the journey with us!"

Morgan Greer

"The Flip Hacking Course was so simple and practical that it empowered me to take a risk!! What I love about this course is that I can go back & watch the training videos over and over. I also love the coaching network and community (Flip Hacking Mastermind), it has really helped me get this business off the ground."

Brad White

"Chris Galanos has been an incredible mentor in my life in how to be a better disciple maker, church planter and every day follower of Jesus. Through his guidance I've been able to start a side real estate investment business that hopefully will enable me still do full time ministry but without a paycheck from my church. "

Jim Britts

"The lessons are quick and layout the entire process step by step. Lesson 6 in the Travel Hacking Course is worth the entire cost of the course alone. I am pumped to start traveling for free (or nearly free)!"

Tyler Dipprey

"I have had a credit card for years and had no idea there was this kind of potential out there! Thanks to Chris and this course, my family and I can AND WILL be able to travel for almost free! I’m so thankful that we get to take advantage of this course and be able to spend more time with our family ON VACATION!!! WOOHOO!!!"

Kyle Parker

"Over my 25 years living overseas I have been fortunate enough to learn a few of these hacks that this site will teach you resulting in multiple free tickets to and from Asia for our family and friends. Chris' goal of reproducing a comprehensive guide to learning and applying these hacks is a great idea and will be a great resource not just for pastors but also for many overseas workers. "

Dr. Stan Parks
Missions Strategist

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