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How Should I Get Started in Real Estate?

The title of this newsletter is a common question.

And the answer is really simple.

It doesn’t matter.


I tell people this all the time. How you get started in real estate really doesn’t matter. The key is just getting started doing something.


Because once you get into the real estate world, you’ll find out over time what interests you the most. Just get involved somewhere.

Sometimes people overthink where & how to get started and I remind them that the where & how don’t matter that much.

Here are ways people might get started:

  • Multi-family
  • Development
  • Commercial Brokerage

The list could go on.

Perhaps a great way to choose is to find someone you know & respect that is involved in real estate. Take them out to lunch & ask them to tell you more about what they do. Maybe they’ll offer you the opportunity to tag along & learn from...

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List One House in 2024

agent hacking Mar 08, 2024

I recently sent out a newsletter entitled, “Flip One House in 2024,” helping you to break down flipping a single house into bite-sized pieces.

Let’s do the same today with listing a house.

Why not make it a goal to list just one house this year?

You may be overwhelmed by thinking about helping clients list or buy many houses this year. But what about just one?

Here’s how I think you could accomplish that goal this year:

  1. Tell your friends and family that you’re getting your license and would love to help them list their home and/or help them buy a home this year if they’re thinking about moving. Start putting the word out.
  1. Get your real estate license online over the course of one month just by working on it a little bit in the evenings (or on weekends). It doesn’t take long.
  1. Find a flat free broker to hold your license so you make 100% of your commission for each listing/purchase minus a flat fee paid to the broker. Otherwise, you...
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How to Attract More Clients

agent hacking Jan 26, 2024

One of the ways you can make additional income to support your ministry is through getting a real estate license & representing a few family members/friends each year in buying/selling their home.

But what if you want more business than that? What if you want to represent a few more clients to meet your income goals?

That’s where marketing comes in.

And marketing is scary to a lot of people. The reason why is because you spend money in advance not knowing if you’ll ever get it back. That’s why many people avoid it altogether.

But I think that’s a big mistake & it limits the potential of many businesses.

I’ve spent tens of thousands of dollars in marketing over the years and my return on investment is sky high. You just have to start small, spend the money strategically, and eventually you’ll be paying for your marketing costs with revenue you’ve made from prior marketing efforts.

If you’re looking for new clients to represent...

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How Long Does It Take to Become a Real Estate Agent?

agent hacking Nov 03, 2023

Answer: Not long.

Many different licenses can take a long time to get.

A Real Estate License is not one of them.

If you move quickly, you could probably get your license in 3-4 weeks.

If you want to take a bit more time, you can finish up easily in a few months.

And that’s just working on it during evenings & weekends.

Taking the courses & tests can usually all be done online, with the exception of the final exam. You can also take the courses in person, if you prefer, but it’s usually more expensive.

After you take the courses, you’ll have a final exam along with fingerprinting, background checks, and other documentation you’ll need to submit.

You can find discounts & coupons for the online courses, so the cost to get your license is fairly inexpensive. Then you’ll have some ongoing costs which should usually be more than covered by doing one transaction each year (or even one every few years).

If you’re assuming it’s not...

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Finding a Niche as a Real Estate Agent

agent hacking Sep 07, 2023

Chances are your market has a TON of real estate agents.

And they’re all vying for the same clients.

And many of them are working full-time at it.

How could you possibly compete?

Answer: Find a niche!

Here are a few examples:

  • One pastor I know lives in a suburb outside a large market. When he got his license, he knew it would be hard to compete in the large market. Instead, he decided to become the go-to guy in his small suburb. He’s now one of the top agents in that area & still does this on the side to support his ministry.
  • A pastor’s wife I know got her license & had trouble finding clients initially. There were so many agents in her area. She began to focus primarily on her neighborhood. Many of the other agents didn’t live in her area & so she could make an effort to just get the clients around her. Not only has she started doing that, but they’ve even referred some of their friends to her as well. She found her niche.
  • Another...
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Ministry Mom Just Made over $15,000

agent hacking Jul 14, 2023

A pastor’s wife & stay-at-home mom in our real estate brokerage wanted to make a little bit of extra income each year to supplement her husband’s salary.

She got her real estate license & started letting friends & family know that she’d love to help them as they buy their next home.

One of her friends contacted her about wanting to purchase a house.

She showed them several homes & they made multiple offers, but they were outbid on each one.

They just put in an offer on another house and they got it.

Her commission was over $15,000 on this one transaction.

And she was able to do this in her spare time.

Imagine if she does this just 2 or 3 times a year with other friends & family.

Pretty nice extra income for a ministry family!

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How We Made Over $40,000 By Having a Real Estate License

agent hacking May 12, 2023

We just moved… again!

Probably not too surprising if you’ve read this newsletter for awhile.

We lived in our previous home almost 3 years and we decided to sell it recently & move on to our next project.

Our friends & family joke that after we’ve lived in a home 2-3 years, we start getting the itch to move again. They’re certainly not wrong!

Because my wife and I both have a real estate license (and own a real estate brokerage), we knew we’d be able to list our home on the market without having to pay half of the commissions, since we’d represent ourselves, or without having to pay any commissions if someone came & represented themselves.

Like many people who bought a home before COVID, our house had gone up a lot in value.

We knew that commissions could take a huge chunk out of our profit, so we hoped to work directly with a buyer who didn’t have an agent.

We hosted 2 open houses, where many people came to look that...

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How to Get All of Our Courses Free

I’ve had quite a few conversations with pastors recently who are wanting to make extra money with real estate.

I tell them I’m glad to help. Then, I direct them to the free resources we offer like:

But it’s usually the case that they want to pay extra for additional courses & coaching.

I tell them about some of our paid products and then share the ways they can get those free as well.

After all, if I’m teaching hacks to get free travel or live nearly free, shouldn’t I give hacks for getting my paid content for free? Ha!

Here are the ways I tell them they can get any or all of our courses for free (and you could too):

  1. Follow my step-by-step guide to earn an extra $1,200 quickly and apply that to any or all of the courses
  1. Refer 3 friends to any course and get all of the course...
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6 Simple Ways to Get Started in Real Estate

Real estate can be intimidating.

Some of the common misconceptions of getting stated in real estate are:

  • I need to go into lots of debt
  • I need to understand the real estate market
  • I need to be able to understand the inner workings of complicated contracts
  • I need to be good at construction
  • I need to be good at decorating
  • I need to have a lot of money

These are misconceptions that keep many people from getting started in real estate.

I’d like to use this newsletter to give you 6 simple ways to get started in real estate (in no particular order):

  1. Buy a fixer upper & update it while you live there

    We’ve done this many times and made a significant profit when we sold. And I’m not handy at all. We hired everything out. What’s great is that if you live there at least 2 years, the profit is tax free up to a certain amount. We call these “live-in flips.”

  1. Airbnb something on your own property

    There are so many ways to make money on...

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How to Save Thousands When You Sell Your Home

agent hacking Jan 20, 2023

If you’ve been reading this newsletter for long, you already know my preference for how you should go about selling your house so you make the most money. I’ll rank the options from most ideal to least ideal:

  1. Try to sell it FSBO (For Sale By Owner) first & pay $0 in commissions.
  1. If you want MLS exposure, hire a Real Estate Agent from a Discount Brokerage who will charge you a flat fee, like $500-$1,000, to list your home.
  1. Ask an Agent for a discount on their commission to list your home.
  1. Use an Agent and pay full price.

I’ve already written about #1 and #2, so I’ll focus on #3 today.

If you are determined to use an agent from a traditional brokerage, I’d encourage you to ask them for a discount on their commission.

Remember this: The commission that you pay the brokers is negotiable!

Most people don’t know this. And there’s a reason you don’t know. Agents would like to get paid full price, which is totally understandable....

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