Don’t Forget to Protest

house hacking Apr 19, 2024

For many of us, this is the time of year when we are receiving our appraisal notice from the property tax authority in our area.

And it probably won’t surprise you to find that your taxable value went up… again.

Sometimes it makes sense as to why it went up. You’re aware that home prices have risen in your area. Other times you’re confused as to why it went up because sale prices have stagnated or gone down in your area.

Remember, in either scenario, your value is subject to negotiation.

That’s why I protest every year.

Here are a few tips for protesting this year:

  1. Submit your protest right when you receive your notice.

I received my notice recently and immediately went online to protest. Thousands of other people will be doing the same thing, but because I did it quickly (literally the day of), I was able to get an appointment the next day to see an appraiser.

  1. Negotiate with one of city appraisers first

In Texas, both the local appraiser and the appraisal review board have the authority to lower your tax value. Sometimes you’ll find that talking with the appraiser will be enough to dramatically lower your taxes.

  1. Negotiate with the appraisal review board next

If you’re not pleased with the offer the local appraiser made you, you can choose to meet with the appraisal review board. You can submit evidence to them to demonstrate why you believe the value is too high. Then they will make a final determination as to what your tax value is, and as a result, what your taxes will be.

Some years I’ve been able to have my tax value lowered by six figures. Other years tens of thousands. This can save hundreds or thousands of dollars in yearly property taxes, so it’s definitely worth the work.

One way you can earn extra money to support your ministry this year is by protesting your taxes and saving the money you would’ve otherwise spent if you didn’t protest.


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