Protest Your Taxes

house hacking May 04, 2023

Chances are you recently received an appraisal notice from your property tax authority.

In that notice, they told likely told you your appraised/market value and your assessed value (taxable value).

Most people assume there’s nothing you can do about it.

That’s not true.

Due to the increase in property values nationwide in recent years, tax authorities are taking the opportunity to significantly raise taxes.

An increase makes sense, but you can negotiate with them about how much your increase should be.

And, obviously, you want the increase to be as little as possible.

Their increase is often applied broadly & doesn’t account for the specifics of your house.

That’s why you want to tell them more about your house to have them evaluate it specifically & hopefully lower your taxes as a result.

We had a big increase in our appraised value last year and we were able to protest & negotiate a six-figure drop in value for our house, which was awesome!

We had another big jump again this year & we just finished protesting. They offered us a $70,000 reduction in value, another big drop!

There’s no guarantee they’ll offer you a reduction, but in my opinion, it’s always worth negotiating.

We’ve saved so much money in property taxes by doing this regularly.

Make sure you submit your protest by the deadline!


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