Does Applying for New Cards Hurt Your Credit Score?

travel hacking Apr 05, 2024

Many people think if you apply for too many new cards, your credit score will suffer.

That’s simply not true.

In fact, new cards add new accounts to your credit which can improve your credit score.

And new cards, and new credit limits, actually reduce your overall credit utilization which also helps your credit score.

Because of the “hard” credit pull when a credit card issuer pulls your credit, you may notice a few point temporary drop in your credit score, but it shouldn’t be long before it comes right back up again. So, don’t apply for a credit card the day before you go & apply for a mortgage (that’s two “hard” credit pulls back to back).

Again, long-term, more accounts help your credit score.

What keeps your credit score high is:

  • Making all of your payments on time
  • Not getting derogatory marks (from other types of bills going to collections)
  • Keeping your credit card utilization low

Don’t believe the myth that applying for new cards lowers your score long-term.

I’d be a lot more concerned with following the three points mentioned above so your credit score stays high long-term.

Applying for multiple credit cards to earn the welcome bonuses (Travel Hacking) is a great way to travel nearly free — something all of us in ministry could probably use more of!


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