Pastors, Missionaries, Christian Leaders -- what if you could take your family on 1, 2, or 3+ vacations each year for nearly free?

And what if you could do this without having to take another job or use up your savings?

I want to introduce you to a process that has allowed our family to go on free vacations like this over and over again.


See what some of my students are saying... 

Roy Moran - Pastor

I would like you to join me in the Travel Hacking Course to help pastors (or anybody for that matter!) and their families....Travel FREE! I am not kidding, Chris is a bit crazy and he has worked out some stuff that makes my head spin. No gimmicks here, just a guy who loves Jesus and wants to help people do what he is doing, traveling for FREE.

Morgan Greer - Pastor

Well everyone, I wanted to celebrate and encourage you that everything in this course is LEGIT! Last night I booked a trip that is 10 years in the making. I told my wife when we went on our honeymoon I had a hope/dream to return to Hawaii every 10 years, which arrives this summer...can we afford that? No. Gang you can do this! Make a road map, apply for the cards, swipe, make your payments and enjoy! Really hoping this encourages you and shoot any questions my way! Chris, thanks for your course and coaching.

Jim Holt - Pastor

My wife and I were able to celebrate our 10 year wedding anniversary in Aruba, for almost free! Chris Galanos' travel hacking course taught us how to use travel points to cover hotel costs, plane costs and car rental costs.

Tim WalkerĀ -Ā Pastor

For years, my family barely made enough money in ministry to live on, so we rarely made enough money to afford to travel... Especially traveling to nice places and doing exciting things! That all changed when I took this course and learned how I could earn thousands of dollars of free travel every year. After learning this strategic process, we earned over 1.2 MILLION Travel Points in a year and we now have the freedom and ability to fly to and stay in incredible places! Having known what it feels like to not be able to afford to travel, I would highly recommend this course so you can experience this same life-changing opportunity!

You've probably always assumed...

...Vacations are too expensive on a minister's salary

...Earning travel rewards is time-consuming and too technical

...You don't have time for travel because of the demands of ministry 

I’ve got good news, these assumptions are just not true!

Here's our story

Years ago my wife told me that one of her goals for our family was to get away on vacation together more. It had been quite a few years since we had been on a family vacation due to cost and the demands of ministry.

She really felt this should be a priority for us. 

I agreed that I was working all the time and hadn't prioritized time away. My excuse was always that we didn't have enough money to go on nice vacations. 

I knew the Lord was speaking through my wife and I needed to focus on this

That's when one day I was listening to a podcast where a CPA was talking about using travel rewards to take his family to Disney World for free

I was like, "How is that even possible?!?!"

Christmas in NYC

The CPA talked about a process called Travel Hacking where you pursue welcome bonuses on high-end travel credit cards to rack up points quickly.

I thought, "I should try that!"

I told my wife I was going to plan our next family vacation and try to figure out how to go on it for free. I'm sure she thought I was crazy but she was definitely excited.

I asked her what her dream trip would be for our family and she said to take our girls to Christmas in NYC.

After learning a systematic process to earn these rewards quickly, I was able to book this trip to NYC for nearly free within 6 months. 

We had a total blast!

Couples Trip to Charleston

But it didn't stop there.

We had such a great time & it was so refreshing that we knew we needed to do this again

I told my wife that I wanted to plan a couples trip 9 months later to get away again.

We looked online for fun places to go and we saw Charleston recommended in a number of travel guides as a must-see destination.

After accumulating more points, I booked a 4-night trip to Charleston for nearly free!

We had such a great time! 


8 Nights in California

We recently got back from a family trip to California for my daughter's birthday. We booked the flights and hotels with points and the only cost we had was food and transportation. 

Our points allowed us to stay in nice hotels that we would've never stayed in if we were paying cash. 

Needless to say, my wife's dream has come true and we've been able to enjoy many vacations together since we started on this journey. And we've earned tens of thousands of dollars in travel rewards along the way.

As other ministry leaders learned about us taking these trips, they began to ask how we were doing it.

And that's what led to the creation of this course. 


The Travel Hacking Course

An online course that teaches you the step-by-step proven system to earn tens of thousands of dollars in travel rewards to take your family on 1, 2 or 3+ vacations each year for nearly free!

What You'll Learn

  • The step-by-step process of earning tens of thousands of dollars in travel rewards
  • The best bank for travel rewards and how to maximize their cards
  • The best travel rewards cards to apply for
  • The rules for applying for travel cards and the order you should apply for them in
  • How to get banks to reconsider your applications if placed on hold
  • How to track and increase your credit to qualify for the highest value cards
  • How to get the Southwest Companion Pass for you and your spouse, the most sought after travel reward which allows unlimited travel for a companion, without putting $125,000 in spend on the card
  • The best hotels and airlines for redeeming travel rewards
  • How to cover your annual fees and taxes with cash back cards
  • How to create spreadsheets to plan your point accumulation for 1,2 or 3+ yearly vacations 
  • Commonly asked questions about the entire process
  • How to earn extra points with refer-a-friend promotions

Tyler Dipprey - Pastor

The lessons in the Travel Hacking Course are quick and layout the entire process step by step. Lesson 6 in the course is worth the entire cost of the course alone. I am pumped to start traveling for free (or nearly free)!

Watch this video

Check out this video that Pastor Morgan filmed of applying the concepts in this course to take his family to Hawaii for free!


...And check out this video too

Pastor Brandon filmed this video about his experience with the Travel Hacking Course. 


The Travel Hacking Course is for you if...

  • You want to learn how to travel more for nearly free
  • You want to take more vacations with your family each year
  • You want step-by-step help navigating the world of travel rewards

This is NOT for you if...

  • You are not responsible with credit cards. If you have carried a balance on any credit card in the last few years, I'd encourage you not to take this course.
  • You're already a pro at Travel Hacking and don't need a guide
  • You're not willing to put in some effort to apply for credit cards
  • You are a citizen of a country that is unable to apply for Chase bank credit cards (check to see what countries can apply)

I'm offering instant access to the Travel Hacking Course for $150

This includes free access to the Travel Hacking Community where you'll learn from & be encouraged by others along the journey.

Get Started

Don't let the price hold you up...

And because I don’t want the price to keep anyone from learning, I’ve created an affiliate program where you can refer 3 friends and make all of your money back (we will reimburse you 33% of your course price for every friend who signs up). You can sign-up here: Become an Affiliate.

30-Day Money Back Guarantee

In addition, I’m offering a 30 day money back guarantee. If you don’t find value in the course, I’m glad to fully reimburse your money. There’s absolutely no risk to you. I'll take on all of the risk. 

It's simple. Just go through the course, learn all you can, start implementing, try out the bonuses, and if you don't love it, shoot me an email and I'll give you all your money back. No big deal, no hard feelings. 

Stan Parks - Missionary

Over my 25 years living overseas I have been fortunate enough to learn a few of these hacks that the Travel Hacking Course will teach you resulting in multiple free tickets to and from Asia for our family and friends. Chris' goal of reproducing a comprehensive guide to learning and applying these hacks is a great idea and will be a great resource not just for pastors but also for many overseas workers.


  • FREE access to the Travel Hacking Community ($20/mo value)
  • FREE access to Yearly Updates ($50/yr value)

Watch missionary Josh Howard's experience with the course



Imagine being able to take your family on one or multiple vacations each year!

Imagine being able to travel for nearly free to some of the most exciting destinations in the world!

Imagine the memories you'll create as a family!

Imagine how rejuvenating it will be to get away!

We'll do our best to help you get there!

- Chris and the Travel Hacking Team

Travel Hacking Course

Learn how to earn thousands in free travel. Yours today for $150.



You can email us at [email protected] and we'd be glad to answer any questions you have!