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15 Ideas for Level 3 Tentmakers

A Level 3 Tentmaker is looking to earn a full-time income. Ideally in flexible ways that support their ministry schedule.

Needed: ~$60k+

Ways to make an extra $60k+:

  1. Social Media Management - work with clients to create social media accounts and post regular updates to them
  1. Commission Sales - many sales jobs are flexible and allow you to get paid for results rather than for time
  1. Online Courses/Coaching - online education has become a very large industry with great potential for full-time income
  1. Realtor - this can provide a little extra money, part-time income or full-time income depending on the time you can spend
  1. Moving Company - I have friends that are running a moving business to provide for themselves full-time for ministry purposes
  1. Real Estate Acquisitions - real estate investors are often looking for people to help them find and purchase new properties
  1. Freelance programming - learn to code and monetize your ability online
  1. Network Administration - offer IT services online and manage networks and security for various businesses
  1. Web Designer - large market of people looking for help designing websites
  1. Project Manager - work with companies to manage projects and timelines
  1. Plumber - if you have this skill set and work for yourself, always high demand
  1. Electrician - same as above
  1. Handyman - people are always looking for help with house projects or room remodels
  1. Property Management Company - many landlords want help finding tenants, collecting payment and dealing with maintenance issues
  1. Flip Hacking - a house flipping business that you can run in a few hours a week and make full-time income

I’ve created a Flip Hacking Course & Mastermind that helps pastors, missionaries and Christian leaders build a real estate business that eventually runs without them.

This doesn’t require a lot of extra time or capital investment and it’s how I provide for my family in 2-3 hours a week.

If you're interested in learning more, click here.


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