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15 Ideas for Level 2 Tentmakers

A Level 2 Tentmaker is looking to earn an extra part-time income. Ideally in flexible ways that support their ministry schedule.

Needed: ~$20,000

Ways to earn an extra $20k (for you or your spouse):

  1. Uber/Lyft Driver - in your free time, drive people around, build new relationships and make extra money
  2. Virtual Assistant - using a site like Upwork.com, you can work from home as someone’s assistant on your own time
  3. Deliver pizzas - the classic Dave Ramsey way to earn extra money
  4. Paint houses - you can make significant extra money doing just a few houses a year
  5. Mow lawns each week - many of us did this as teenagers and if you scale it up a bit, you can easily make extra income
  6. Hang Christmas lights - I have a friend who makes $200-300/house each year doing this for a total of around $20k/yr
  7. Virtual Bookkeeper - learn this skill and help others online keep track of their income/expenses
  8. Deliver packages for Amazon - can pursue this around your ministry schedule
  9. Become a substitute teacher - work however many days a month you’d like filling in at various schools in your town
  10. Pet sitting/House sitting - you’d be surprised how many people will pay you just to watch their pets or their house while they’re away
  11. Babysitting/Child Care - if you or you spouse are already watching your kids during the day, you can offer to watch a few more kids for other families
  12. Freelance writing - there are many writing opportunities online that you could pursue
  13. Officiating weddings - you could put the word out that you’re willing to do pre-marital counseling and weddings more broadly
  14. Computer Tech Support - many companies need help with this and you can work from home
  15. House Hacking - you can use your home to make extra income and live nearly free

One of the least time-consuming and most ministry-supportive ways I’ve found to make the extra $20k is with House Hacking.

I’ve created a course on House Hacking which shows you how to make an extra part-time income just by living in your home. We’ve done it over and over and even used it to pay off our mortgage in our early 30s.

If you’re interested in learning more, click here.


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