Pastors, Missionaries, Christian Leaders -- what if you could earn extra income and reduce your housing expenses to almost $0/mo just by living in your house?

And what if you could do this without getting a 2nd job or having to earn any extra money?

I want to introduce you to an optimization that has allowed our family to earn extra income and live nearly free just by living in our home.


See what some of my students are saying... 

Josh Howard - Missionary

I want to highly recommend Chris's course. Chris thinks about how to live in your home and get money from your home that most people never even think about. He's going to take you step by step through the process and it's highly worth the investment. If you're in ministry or trying to be bi-vocational, you know as well as I do that every dollar counts and this is going to help you to save massive amounts of money and even make money through your home that you're living in right now.

Jim Britts - Pastor

Chris has been incredibly helpful for me in starting a side real estate business as well as all kinds of other things on the pathway of looking more like the movements around the world. And I believe you'll learn a ton from him as well.

Tim Walker - Pastor

Years ago, I finished a portion of my house for my handicapped mom to be able to come and visit. In the times between those visits, I always wanted to leverage that space for income, but my lingering questions and nagging objections kept me from moving forward. This course intelligently answered every one of those questions and solved every objection. I now have the ability to fully cover my housing expenses through house hacking… All thanks to what I learned in this course!

You've probably always assumed...

...Your house can only cost money, it doesn't make money

...Your monthly housing expenses are costs everyone has to pay

...Houses are always expensive to maintain and live in

...It's too hard to find a good deal on a house

...Remodeling a house is for professionals and you could never do it yourself

I've had these same assumptions but learned through experience that they're just not true!

Here's our story

Ever since we planted Experience Life Church in Lubbock, TX in 2007, we looked for ways to earn extra income on the side. We raised our support to plant this church and we knew finances would be tight for at least the first few years. 

As a result, we were always on the lookout for ways to make extra money. Plus, it was our dream to make enough extra income on the side so we could work in ministry free of charge.

Little did we know that the houses we lived in would turn into a significant extra stream of income for our family. 

And all we had to do was live in them!

House Hack #1

A "house hack" is a frequently used term online to describe leveraging your house for extra income and reducing your housing expenses as low as possible.

Our first house hack was accidental. My wife has always loved older houses and we bought our first one soon after the church started. 

It needed quite a bit of work, so we paid a contractor to do a cosmetic remodel for us before we moved in

We lived there 5 years and decided to make a move. 

That's when we learned 2 exciting lessons

1. By buying an older house that needed work and doing a remodel, we were able to rapidly increase the value of the house. That resulted in us making a $23,000 profit when we sold the home. 

2. We didn't realize that the IRS gives you a gift if you live in your home at least 2 years and meet certain other conditions. They allowed us to take all $23,000 profit TAX FREE!

House Hack #2 

We bought our next house at a discounted price off the market

About 9 months later we decided to sell it. I told my wife I only thought we should sell it if we could make a significant profit again

We listed it on the market to see what would happen and we got an offer that resulted in us making $24,000 more than we paid 9 months prior.

Because we sold it so quickly, we didn't get the IRS tax free benefit, but we were able to put an even bigger downpayment on our next house. 

We started thinking to ourselves, "I wonder if we could do this over and over again?!?!"

House Hack #3

This next house brings back great memories because we were able to pay it off completely with the profits from our house hacks and our savings.

We sold this house 3 years later for a $30,000 tax free profit!

We felt like we were on a roll.

But there was one part of house hacking that we were not benefiting from

We were making extra income each time we sold our house but we still had the typical primary housing costs each month -- taxes & insurance (no mortgage because we had paid it off).

That led us to our next house hack.

House Hack #4

When we bought this house, we looked for a house that had some kind of structure that could be converted into a guest house that we could put on Airbnb

This house had a storage area attached to the back of the garage that we were able to convert to a short-term rental

We started to make $1,200/mo from that rental which paid our property taxes & insurance, allowing us to completely eliminate our primary monthly housing costs with money to spare.


We sold this house 1.5 years later and made $68,000 tax free profit (due to a partial exclusion in the IRS code). 

House Hack #5

Our latest house hack was purchased off the market by calling the seller directly and asking if she'd be willing to sell. 

We paid cash and have done some light updating. If we sold it today, we'd probably make $50-60k in profit.

We bought this house because it had a single-car garage in the back that we believed we could convert into another Airbnb

Since making the conversion and listing the guest house on Airbnb, we've made over $2,000/mo. This fully covers our property taxes, insurance, and many of our utilities as well, allowing us to live completely free.

Between the extra income we've earned on the sale of our houses, and the income from the Airbnbs, house hacking has resulted in a significant extra stream of income for our family.

And all we did was buy a house, make some updates, and live in it!

Since ministry leaders were asking us about how we were "tentmaking" to provide for our family, we decided to create a course to help them get started with house hacking as well.


The House Hacking Course

An online course that teaches you the step-by-step proven system to earn extra income for your family and reduce your primary housing costs to nearly $0/mo

What You'll Learn

  • How to find a great deal on a house by buying off-market
  • Why you should remodel and decorate for your future buyer and not yourself
  • Step-by-step guide to remodeling your house
  • Why staging is so important 
  • Details of the IRS code that allow you to take tax free profit on the sale of your home
  • The 6 steps to sell your home for top dollar
  • The different types of properties that make a good house hack
  • Types of financing you can use for your house hack
  • How to find quality guests & tenants
  • The power of 5 star reviews
  • Case studies of various house hacks

The House Hacking Course is for you if...

  • You want to use your house to earn extra income for your family
  • You want to learn how to reduce your primary monthly housing costs to nearly $0/mo
  • You want an extra stream of income to supplement your ministry income

This is NOT for you if...

  • You are not willing to move from your current house if needed
  • You are not interested in managing a light remodel on your house (not always necessary but sometimes needed)
  • You don't want any extra money :)

I'm offering instant access to the House Hacking Course for $250

Get Started

Don't let the price hold you up...

And because I don’t want the price to keep anyone from learning, I’ve created an affiliate program where you can refer 3 friends and make all of your money back (we will reimburse you 33% of your course price for every friend who signs up). You can sign-up here: Become an Affiliate.

30-Day Money Back Guarantee

In addition, I’m offering a 30 day money back guarantee. If you don’t find value in the course, I’m glad to fully reimburse your money. There’s absolutely no risk to you. I'll take on all of the risk. 

It's simple. Just go through the course, learn all you can, start implementing, try out the bonuses, and if you don't love it, shoot me an email and I'll give you all your money back. No big deal, no hard feelings. 


  • Easily Reimburse Yourself by Referring 3 Friends ($250 value)
  • FREE access to Yearly Updates ($50/yr value)


Imagine what you could do with extra income you make just by living in your house & selling it every now and then!

Imagine how much of your monthly income would be freed up if you didn't have to pay any of your primary housing expenses!

Imagine what could happen if you took advantage of this IRS gift over and over again!

We'll do our best to help you get there!

- Chris and the House Hacking Team

House Hacking Course

Learn how to leverage your house to earn extra income and live nearly free. Yours today for $250.



You can email us at [email protected] and we'd be glad to answer any questions you have!