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15 Ideas for Level 1 Tentmakers

A Level 1 Tentmaker is looking to earn just a little bit of extra spending money, often to take their family on vacation or get away with their spouse a few times a year.

Needed: ~$5,000

Here are some ideas to earn an extra $5k:

  1. Teach English Online - many opportunities to teach English online to people wanting to learn from and practice with native English speakers
  1. Instacart/Door Dash/Uber Eats - food and grocery delivery has become even more popular with the pandemic
  1. Tutoring (pick a subject) - online or in your city, there are opportunities to tutor hourly in subjects you are proficient in
  1. Flip products on Facebook Marketplace/eBay/Craigslist - guitars, purses, couches, or other high value items that you can look for good deals on and sell for a bit more
  1. Couponing - if you are diligent about finding and using coupons, you can save/make quite a bit of money
  1. Referrals - connect with your friends in sales and offer to bring them leads for a referral fee (many industries already have incentives like this set-up)
  1. Sell a service on Fiverr - monetize a skill you have and find customers online
  1. Donating plasma - can make hundreds each month
  1. Reduce or eliminate non-essentials (phone, cable, restaurants) - there is a lot of savings to be found just by eliminating some non-essentials and reducing how much you pay on other non-essentials
  1. Rent car on Turo - rent out your car when you’re not using it
  1. Rent bedroom on Airbnb - rent out a spare bedroom several nights a month for extra money
  1. Recharge electric scooters - pickup and recharge Bird, Lime or other scooters in your area
  1. Online Surveys/Online Testing - many companies pay if you help them with surveys or testing their products
  1. Driving for real estate investors - investors are always looking for deals and if you’ll drive around and find them distressed deals, they’ll pay you handsomely
  1. Travel Hacking - this is perhaps the easiest way to make an extra $5k each year for vacation money and it involves capitalizing on credit card sign-up bonuses

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