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Your New Favorite Hotel

travel hacking Sep 03, 2021

There is one hotel chain where your travel rewards often go further than any other.

If you listen to travel rewards discussions online, you'll hear people raving about this hotel chain.

Can you guess which one it is?


Each Hyatt point is worth about 1.9 cents! In other words, a $250/night room would only cost you 13,158 points!

In case you're not sure whether to be impressed or not, let me compare it to several other popular chains.

Marriott - .8 cents each

  • A $250/night room would cost you 31,250 points

IHG (Holiday Inn) - .5 cents each

  • A $250/night room would cost you 50,000 points

Hilton - .6 cents each

  • A $250/night room would cost you 41,667 points

We could keep going.

As you see, Hyatt points are worth between 2-4x what other hotel chain points are worth!

It gets better.

Chase is a 1:1 travel partner with Hyatt. That means each point you earn on your Chase Sapphire card you can transfer to Hyatt at a 1:1 value. 1 Chase point transfers as 1 Hyatt point. You can rack up a lot of Hyatt points this way.

It still gets better.

Hyatt’s standard room rate starts at 5,000 points for a Category 1 Hyatt. That is extremely cheap, especially because the Hyatt Place's (often Category 1) we've stayed in are great hotels. With 50,000 Chase points transferred to Hyatt, which you can often get on the welcome bonus from your Sapphire Preferred, that's 10 FREE nights!

Park Hyatt, one of Hyatt's luxury brands, can be booked for 25,000-30,000 points per night, which is also an incredible deal!

We stayed at the Park Hyatt Aviara when we went to California a few months ago & it was amazing! When I asked my 14 year-old daughter her favorite part of our trip, she said, "Walking into the Park Hyatt!" That gives you an idea of how nice they are.

Best ways to earn Hyatt points:

  1. Get a Chase Sapphire card and transfer the points 1:1 to Hyatt as a travel partner. You can do this with the welcome bonus & also your regular spend.
  1. Get a Hyatt card (also a Chase-branded card) and earn the welcome bonus. Then you can use the welcome bonus & any regular spend you put on the card toward booking Hyatt hotels. They have a great refer-a-friend program, so if you click here to apply for this card, they give me an extra 5,000 Hyatt bonus points for referring you & will do the same for you when you refer your friends.

We've been staying almost exclusively in Hyatt's the last couple of years because the point redemptions are so good! You'll love them too!

If Hyatt isn't your favorite hotel chain yet, I think it's about to be!


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