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The Key to Passing Your Exam the First Time

agent hacking Sep 10, 2021

The final exam to become a real estate agent is known to be tricky. In fact, many people don’t pass the first time and have to sign up to take it again.

The exam is broken up into 2 parts. A state section and a national section. The national section would be similar for all of us who take the test and the state section would be specific to real estate regulations in your particular state.

You can pass one section, both sections or neither, but if you don’t pass either section, you have to go back to retake the sections you didn’t pass.

The reason many people don’t pass the first time is because the test covers such an extensive amount of information. It’s hard to know what to study and there are a ton of names and dates to memorize that can get a bit overwhelming.

That’s why I always tell people that the key to passing the first time is to buy an exam prep wherever you purchase your licensing courses.

The exam prep is often optional and many people probably forgo the extra cost to save money. I think that’s usually a mistake. I'd encourage you to pay for the exam prep.

What’s great about the exam prep is that it distills all of the information you’ve learned down into what they know is on the test. I remember just studying the exam prep materials and when I took the test, I felt that the exam prep people must’ve had the questions ahead of time - haha! It was that accurate.

I told my wife once I finished that I thought I aced it. She laughed. She didn’t use the exam prep and was overwhelmed the first time she took it. I used the exam prep and found it super easy.

All that said, save yourself the time and expense of having to possibly retake the test and buy an exam prep to help you prepare.

 *Note: I worked with Aceable Agent to get you a discount on your real estate licensing courses. Use the code 'tentmaking' at check-out to apply the discount to your purchase price. Aceable Agent is not available in all states. If it's not available in your state, you can pursue one of the other options I mention in the post, The Best Places to Get Your Real Estate License


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