Retirement Account Investing Order

life hacking Mar 22, 2024

In what order should you invest your retirement savings? Which account should you max out first, then second, and so on? I’ll share with you my opinion and process.

Here’s a quick guide:

  1. Employer’s Match - if your employer matches your retirement contributions up to a certain amount, invest at least enough to meet the match. This is free money. Make sure you take it.
  1. Health Savings Account (HSA) - if you’re on a high deductible insurance plan, you may have an HSA plan option. Max this out next. You can contribute tax free, it grows tax free, and you can pull it out tax free for medical expenses (a triple dip). You can invest up to $8,300 in 2024 for families.
  1. Roth IRAs - both you and your spouse can contribute $7,000 in 2024 for a total of $14,000. You can use a Traditional IRA if you are above the income limit for a Roth.
  1. Max Out Employer’s Plan Above the Match - for 2024 this could be up to $23,000 per person.
  1. Taxable Brokerage Account - once all of your retirement accounts are maxed out, you can put the rest of your retirement savings in a traditional taxable brokerage account.

Hopefully you are saving a significant percentage of your income as you aim toward financial independence.

Consider using this list as a guide to help you choose the most strategic places to invest your retirement savings.



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