Cheap Medical Insurance for Travel

travel hacking Jun 20, 2024

Our family is excited to be leaving the country soon for a summer trip to the Cayman Islands.

Often, when people spend quite a bit of money on a trip, they’ll purchase travel insurance in case something comes up that interrupts the trip.

Travel Insurance will typically include medical insurance which covers you if you’re traveling to an area where your health insurance wouldn’t cover medical costs. But it can come at a high cost.

When you book with points, you’re not as concerned about comprehensive travel insurance because you didn’t pay much money for the trip to begin with. And, often, you can get your points back if you cancel ahead of time.

But, what about medical costs? What if there’s an emergency and your medical insurance won’t cover it? That could set you back thousands of dollars. And if they need to evacuate you to a place where there’s better medical care, that could be tens of thousands of dollars.

Enter GeoBlue Travel Insurance.

With GeoBlue, you can bypass the typical hefty travel insurance premiums and just pay for what you need, namely medical coverage.

For our upcoming trip, GeoBlue was only about $3 per person per day. And that’s with a $0 deductible and up to $1,000,000 in coverage. And it includes medical evacuation if you need it.

I checked with my health insurance provider before purchasing this coverage and, as I expected, they don’t cover much when you’re overseas.

The total cost for our family of 4 was about $76. No brainer.

Consider some inexpensive medical coverage for your next international trip. You could end up saving yourself thousands as a result.


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