A Problem Solving Business

flip hacking May 30, 2024

When I first started flipping houses, my mentor would say, “We’re not in the real estate business, we’re in the problem solving business.”

Over the years, I’ve found this comment to be so true.

This week was no exception.

A seller called us a few months ago telling us about her need to sell her house. There was just one problem. A tenant still lived in it and they hadn’t been paying rent.

As we got closer to the closing date, the tenant told the seller they weren’t going to move out unless the seller paid them money. She knew the eviction process would be long and expensive, so she offered them a few thousand dollars to leave the property.

Turns out, after taking the money, the tenant still said they wouldn’t leave. We started to help her walk through the eviction process and a notice was posted on the tenant’s door to vacate.

The tenant eventually said they would leave but not before sending a fake invoice to the Title Company saying the seller owed them thousands of dollars.

Even though the invoice was fraudulent, the Title Company told us that the notice would “cloud the title” and the seller would be unable to sell the house anytime soon without an affidavit signed by the tenant. And that was not going to happen without her paying the tenant thousands of dollars on top of what she’d already given them.

Needless to say, the seller was distraught & thought she wouldn’t be able to sell.

Over time, we worked with the Title Company, their attorneys, & the seller to come up with a creative solution where the seller could get the proceeds for their house and satisfy the Title Company’s requirements for settling the fraudulent invoice.

The seller was so thankful for us walking her through this process & helping her find a creative solution to her problem.

And that’s the service we get paid for year after year.

We offer creative solutions to difficult problems that just so happen to involve real estate.

Have you considered starting a “Problem Solving Business?" This can be a great way to earn extra income to support your ministry!


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