Generate a full-time income in 2-3 hours per week!

  • Having multiple streams of income is wise regardless of what your occupation is.
  • This is especially true for those in ministry since many churches, ministries, & missions organizations can't afford to pay much or anything at all.
  • While my church was able to pay me full-time, it was always our dream to be able to come off the payroll so that our salary could be given back to the church to be used for ministry.
  • Flip Hacking helped that dream to become a reality & I want to show you how to do what we did to either supplement your income or replace it entirely!

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In Lesson 1, I'll share my journey of building a house flipping business that I run in 2-3 hours a week so I could give my entire salary back to the church and still work in ministry full-time!

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